John App’s April 3, 1850 Gold Rush Diary Entry

Wednesday April 3, 1850

Stopping Point: City of Fort Madison, Iowa

Approximate Miles Traveled: 0 (did not travel this day)

GPS Latitude: 40° 37.749′ N; Longitude: 91° 18.714′ W

April 3 – waked up this morning and found it Cloudy and Threatning rain, as it did rain pritty much all day, fed our mules got our Breakfast, and then as soon as I got the Tent Clear of the crowd of men and Boys changed my shirt, and concluded to visit doct Rhinehart and Family, I started But Before I got to the House I met a messenger  after she saying that Mrs Rhineheart, said that we should come up to their House Immediately, as I was on the road at the time it did not take me long to get there; the first person I Saw was Mrs Rhineheart comeing out of the gate to meet me, well Indeed now John, I did not think it was You. I was ushered into the House immediately, Vally was at school, But Immediately sent for. School, work, and every thing Els, was laid to one side, and we must pull up stakes and come to their House right away, no Excuse would answer, and the doctor went with me to the Tent and Helped us to pull up stakes, and move to their House, We soon moved and are now in the doctors House, Have spent a very Pleasant day notwithstanding it rained all day, Enjoyed myself very much felt Perfectly at Home had all the attention paid us Imaginable, Ft. Madison is rather a flourishing Place, and when we wer Encamped had a great many visitors, the doct has a very Fine House and Lots, A Beautiful situation, he is not Liveing in his new house as Yet  but soon will, he has his lots filled full of all Kind of trees, Roses, Shrubbery &, thinks he never will Leave this place, he is doing a very good Business, he has been Called upon, I should Think 20 times since we have been here, and Mrs Rhineheart says that it is always just so, when their is any sickness.

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Diary Entry 4/3/1850

Diary Entry 4/3/1850


Diary Entries 4/3/1850 - 4/4/1850

Diary Entries 4/3/1850 - 4/4/1850



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