John App post video not displayed in emailed version


For some reason the video clip included in for postings is not being displayed in the automatic email that is sent to you. It may be that it is supposed to bethis way, but I will check to be sure. There is a message at the bottom of the email to indicate this fact “* Some media is not displayed in this email and must be viewed on the website.

So, to get around the problem for now just click on the URL link at the top of the email (just to the right of where it says “URL”) and you will be taken to the web post where you can see the video. The video clip is nice because you can see just where he was.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

About storiesretoldblogger

I am an Elkhart, Indiana native and became interested in applying video to history when consumer video cameras were first introduced on the market in the late 1970’s. My production company, Stories Retold, specializes in preserving oral history, traditions, and values with video. Primarily interviewing individuals, I sometimes document families, and on occasion document an entire community. My niche is developing a personal relationship with clients which helps me to tell their story just the way they would like to have it told. Everyone has a story worth preserving, and I enjoy discovering interesting stories from people with whom I come into contact on a daily basis. In years to come, these videos will be priceless as they portray original stories complete with visual images and actual voices filled with all the primary material and emotion that was intended to be. I gain a strong sense of personal satisfaction with each completed project whether it involves an individual or an entire community.
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