John App gathers his supplies and provisions

Beginning in early February, 1850 (at age 29) John App started accumulating the supplies and provisions he knew were necessary for him to successfully complete the journey to California. All pioneers destined for California or Oregon who travelled along the California-Oregon trail had, of course, the same expectations of a successful journey. Travel light, make good time, and be well provisioned were the goals John had set for himself as he made his preparations. The following items were listed in his diary, but are probably not an exhaustive list. There are times when an item was purchased at several points in time in order to have enough, and the prices listed are representative of the time. Even though 465 pounds of dried hams, and 412 pounds of crackers may seem like a lot to take along, John knew that’s what he needed to avoid the shortages that some other pioneers would suffer later on the trail. Notes on the list: the spelling is his, uninterpreted words have underlines where they should be, and explanations are in [ ] brackets.

Qty Description Price
x lbs [Epsom] E. salts 10¢
1/4 lbs Rubarb 25¢
Alum 10¢
1 oz Calomel 20¢
4 oz Jallop
1 doz Boxes pills
1 qt Castor oil
1/4 lbs Cyan pepper 25¢
1 doz Boxes mustard 10¢
1/2 lb Campher 10¢
8 oz Laudnum
4 oz Extract of gum cyno
2 oz Powdered opium
4 oz Oil of peppermint
2 gall 4th proof brandy
6 grains Blue moss
1 lbs Saltpeter
Quicksilver ointment
1/4 ream Letter paper
1 __ Steelpens
1 doz Bottles ink
1 Paper sand
1/4 lbs Wafers
3 doz of envelops (large & small)
Small buttons
Thread & needles
1 hank Yarn
4 pr Socks
[handkerchiefs] Hdkfs
1 pr Shoes
Dried apples 25¢
Parched corn 50¢
15 gall keg Pickles & onions
3 lbs Gunpowder
Salt & pepper
1/2 inch auger
3/4 inch auger
1 inch auger
1 1/2 inch auger
1 Hand saw
1/2 inch chisel
1 inch chisel
1 Hatchet & axe
4 lbs 3 penney nails
4 lbs 4 penney nails
4 lbs 20 penney nails
1 King bolt – extra
1 Coupling bolt – extra
1/2 keg Powder (blasting)
1 Drill needle
Powder shot & [percussion] P. caps – lead
2 Shovels
3 Pick axes
3 ___ fine ___ [sieve] sive
1 Gum elastic bag for water (1 gall)
1 Tea kettle $1.30
1 Frying pan 75¢
4 doz Tin plates 50¢
3 doz Tin cups 30¢
1 Small coffee mill 35¢
1 Tin pan [large] larg
1/4 doz Knives & forks 35¢
1/2 doz ___ spoons ___ 15¢
1 Tin bucket 40¢
Blacksmith 40¢
[rope] Roap 65¢
2 Mules $160.00
Oats $2.75
Lumber $1.00
2 lbs ___ Nails 25¢
Butts & screws 13¢
Clasp & staples 10¢
1 Paint brush 25¢
Paint & litherage 20¢
Shoe thread 10¢
Hempcord 30¢
Mule expence $45.00
Tacks 10¢
Cord 25¢
___ Chains $1.00
Hoop iron 30¢
Horse rasp 50¢
___ Spillinan hoop keg 40¢
1 1/2 gal Oil $1.75
1 lbs Litherage 25¢
2 lbs Nails 25¢
1 gall Oil $1.25
Iron 70¢
Litherage 20¢
1 Hatchet 75¢
Oats $8.10
1 Keg 65¢
2 gall Brandy $4.00
1 bunch Card 25¢
Tin pan [large] larg 35¢
1 lbs Powder 50¢
12 lbs Tallow $1.20
5 lbs Black lead 25¢
10 lbs Soap 70¢
Lamp & wick 30¢
2 1/2 lbs Salatarus 25¢
1/2 bush Salt 25¢
1/2 gall Oil 60¢
100 ft Rope $1.55
2 Hats $1.00
Hay $5.00
Harness $36.00
Mules $100.55
1 Wood bucket 25¢
Wagon $40.00
2 lbs Tea $1.80
125 lbs Sugar $7.50
50 lbs Coffee $7.50
465 lbs Meat – hams & venison ham
412 lbs Crackers
50 lbs Flour
30 lbs Beans $1.50
15 lbs Rice $1.00
75 lbs Pickells
60 lbs Vinegar

Here is a sample page from his diary of some of his supplies:

Sample of a supplies page from the 1850 diary

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  1. Suzanne Spencer Uvelli says:

    John App as will be mentioned married Leanna Charity Donner survivor of the Donner Tragedy at Sutter’s Fort 1852. My husband is a direct descendent of John and Leanna’s only surviving son John Quincy App. The farmhouse that the Apps built in Jamestown is still standing. And John App kept the same meticulous records of supplies needed, gold recovered of the App mine. These records are in the de Ferrari Archives, Sonora of the App Mine

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