Pictures from the Italian Club (IARA) in Elkhart, Indiana

A few days ago a friend, Frank Lucchese, and I went to the Italian Club in Elkhart to scan some of the pictures that have been hanging on its walls since the 1920’s and 1930’s. These are pictures of some of the older Italian residents who settled  in the Harrison Street neighborhood, some of whom came here from Italy.

The primary purpose of scanning the pictures is so that they can be used as resource material in my documentary of the Italian-American community scheduled (hopefully) for release late this spring. However, two other purposes for the pictures quickly emerged.

The first is that the pictures are now preserved on CD as JPG files and are available at the IARA Club on Harrison Street (I think the CDs will be available for a nominal price with the proceeds going to the club). Now everyone has a chance to have historic pictures of the ones who played such an important role in that community. The original pictures are the property of the club and, therefore, should not be used in any commercial work without obtaining specific copywrite approval from the club.

The second is for use in a short music video that I created just for fun. These pictures are too valuable not to share them with the world since some of them won’t appear in the documentary. So, here is the video for you to enjoy whether you are Italian or not, and whether you know the people or not. Ciao!

About storiesretoldblogger

I am an Elkhart, Indiana native and became interested in applying video to history when consumer video cameras were first introduced on the market in the late 1970’s. My production company, Stories Retold, specializes in preserving oral history, traditions, and values with video. Primarily interviewing individuals, I sometimes document families, and on occasion document an entire community. My niche is developing a personal relationship with clients which helps me to tell their story just the way they would like to have it told. Everyone has a story worth preserving, and I enjoy discovering interesting stories from people with whom I come into contact on a daily basis. In years to come, these videos will be priceless as they portray original stories complete with visual images and actual voices filled with all the primary material and emotion that was intended to be. I gain a strong sense of personal satisfaction with each completed project whether it involves an individual or an entire community.
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