The first post, a wedding reception, and a synopsis of posts to come.


This is my first post on the blog, so if you reach this there are no other posts before it.

This past weekend was very special. My daughter, Betsy and her husband, Zach ,were married on August 28, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. They came here to Indiana for a wedding reception for all of the folks who could not make it to Denver for the wedding… which is everyone from around here. The new bride and groom were dressed in their full wedding day regalia, and they were beautiful!

It was great to talk with so many friends who we have not seen for quite some time, and so many family members. One “cousin” came with her husband driving all the way from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania (about 500 miles) where the original “App” homestead is located. The four of us went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant (Lucchese’s) on Friday night and just hung out having the best time. On Saturday at the reception I found her happily pitching in to help get food ready for guests just as true family members do. The reason this relationship is so special is that we “discovered” each other in 1993 as a result of a genealogical excursion my wife and I made to Selinsgrove the prior year. Technically we are fifth cousins, going back six generations to a common ancestor, and we have visited them in Selinsgrove several times and they have visited us here in Indiana several times. The story of how this relationship came about, and the story of the discovery of my “roots” will be told in future blog postings.

Some of our family migrated west from Pennsylvania during the 1800’s. This story, too, will be told in future blog postings since it includes a detailed diary of a “cousin” who headed west on the California-Oregon Trail during the gold rush (1850), the discovery of a gold mine, and a marriage to one of the surviving Donner daughters, who was along on the Donner Party journey in 1845-1846. Another fifth cousin was “discovered” on a trip west in (I’d have to look it up) about 1995, from this branch of the family, and we have been close ever since! Almost all of the trip on the California-Oregon Trail has been documented (video, pictures, maps, gps waypoints, etc.) so that you will be able to travel vicariously with John App as he makes his journey westward.

Now the Pennsylvania App’s and the California App’s have been reunited through research, and our collective family memory has been restored. How wonderful this has been! There will be much more to come regarding this story in future blog posts.

Everyone has gone back t0 their homes after the weekend’s activities, and it is a very quiet place around here. Frankly, I like the activity of everyone being together much more than quietness!

About storiesretoldblogger

I am an Elkhart, Indiana native and became interested in applying video to history when consumer video cameras were first introduced on the market in the late 1970’s. My production company, Stories Retold, specializes in preserving oral history, traditions, and values with video. Primarily interviewing individuals, I sometimes document families, and on occasion document an entire community. My niche is developing a personal relationship with clients which helps me to tell their story just the way they would like to have it told. Everyone has a story worth preserving, and I enjoy discovering interesting stories from people with whom I come into contact on a daily basis. In years to come, these videos will be priceless as they portray original stories complete with visual images and actual voices filled with all the primary material and emotion that was intended to be. I gain a strong sense of personal satisfaction with each completed project whether it involves an individual or an entire community.
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3 Responses to The first post, a wedding reception, and a synopsis of posts to come.

  1. Tina Weldy says:

    Thanks for sharing the link with Horsefeathers. Well-done! I wished as I watch the Italian documentary clip that the participants would have been identified. The old movie clips are awesome! Enjoyed your blog posts as well.

    • Yes, the identification of the people being interviewed is a problem in the preview since the scenes go by so quickly. However, in the actual documentary they will be identified several times throughout. Thanks for the comment, Tina!

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